Anna Santos
How do you gauge masculinity? Is it on solid biceps muscles or the sexy grooved trunk?

Others do not have those, but yet still feel masculine, macho or chauvinist. Whatever you call it. Some are with thin jaw lines and front teeth more defined than a horse's facial plane, and yet still feel that every hot chick that walked pass him desires him deeply to their bedroom. Eeww... I wanted to vomit.

How do you define this manhood? Is it conceit? Or self denial? Or insecurity hiding under the façade of overconfidence?

There are those, for some reason, fascinates himself by telling his girlfriend how he was glanced at and greeted by another sexy lass, or how he thought his ex was still in-love with him, or how unforgettably titillating he was in bed in each of his physical sensual encounters, and continued to narrate how he was torn by women fighting over him.

Alas! He emerged victorious from the luxury of seeing a freaking jealous girl parading to make a scene, searching for her greatest adversary, in a fighting stance. I see these men got nerves too tight! That even a prescription of Pregabalin or Gabapentin for repair of nerve damage won't penetrate his senseless neurons.

I have known this type of male specie, these genre of sexist men, but not necessarily sexy. Their "penile-centric" sentiment is their flawed nature, a genial chaos. I have tried to be cautious ever since, avoiding being the victim of their predatory attitude.

But these sexist men should beware. Somebody might love to freak their already freaking jealous girlfriend by taking advantage of his male's weakness, by feeding something he loved to hear into his ballooning ego in a dwindling physical manner. He might not know his flawed nature was just being played on, used against his girl….

But then again, does it concern him at all?

Well, my advice is not to the sexist men, for they know not what to do without their "pogi" points. I just felt sorry for the girls who lived with these types of men. Their life would be constantly on guard, forever on a fighting stance; a bit jittery and jumpy, and threatened on the edge. If all men are like this, making their women lose confidence on themselves, well, I'd rather live without a man at all.
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8 Responses
  1. Dee Says:

    Oh, I so much like your post, Petit! Very deep and true and thought-provoking. Yes, I do agree with you - if living with a man means to be having these problems and to lose one's self-esteem (because that does occur at times), then it's better to be alone and happy instead. :)

  2. Dee Says:

    Hi, I'm back. I have awards for you. I don't know if you still do them, but I just took the liberty of giving you some, just in case. :) You may see it here.

  3. PETIT Says:

    self-esteem if very important for a woman, men should know this by now.

    thanks for the award dee. all three of them huh? wow thats huge.

  4. jan geronimo Says:

    My best friend has a friend who choose to remain single. In one of our night outs, we dropped her off at her house. We were invited in of course.

    This common friend has lots of cats and all the male cats are neutered. She's a veterinarian.

    On our way home, I kidded my best friend. "That's it, that's why your friend doesn't have a husband. Suitors are deathly afraid of her scalpel. She's lots of practice after with her cats." LOL.

    Good men are really hard to come by. Those who pass the test - where are they? Most are already taken. Some are gay.

    What's a woman got to do! Ahehehe. I don't know. Leave it to Madame Auring, I guess.

  5. PETIT Says:

    @ Jan:hahaha....somebody from my facebook account commented that men who take advantage of women must be punished, cut off their testicles! poor vet, good men are already taken mostly, what was left are for neutering.
    well, a woman got to do what she's got to do. either to just love him or leave him.it made sense huh?

  6. James Says:

    salita patapos oi... hehehe...

    Think of it this way often - your man may have shaped himself to whatever he is today so he can put himself there first (sometimes with oozing self-esteem) so he can pull you there too. But, beware though for this may mislead him to his own pitfalls - he may want something else or more. Just sitting there in the comfort of his conceit. My advice is if he's your man, know his score in the relationship and yours in the process. Sometimes it's best to call it 'Quits' if you seemed to feel you are becoming a victim; even if parting is always painful.

    The man's happiness depends on whatever he's able to give. He may have believed giving himself first is the best agenda. That might be the real deal here - self gratification. And yes, pampering the ego self. That if he's OK with himself, he is in best form for his woman. To beam his eyes on other woman would mean that he's scared in deeper sense I guess.

    As for me, it's a never ending battle to flatten my tummies and learning to like myself even with the bare bald spot. Hahaha. so I can not be the man you ought speak. Hehehe. My passionate being tells me that giving a way to respecting herself is what best I can give her. It's been my long advice to her to grab a career that she would love doing. And leave a portion of my time tendering my daughters. My job is home-based anyway. :)

    Sexist men will get tired. And when they do, somebody should better be there to fetch whatever best left of them.

    Just me saying... hehe

  7. PETIT Says:

    wow james. i didn't knew you have deeper perspective on manhood. hahaha.
    if i have a guy problem, i think i know where to run.
    but for now, my guy is an A OK!

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