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Sometimes in your journey through life,  there's a person you find interesting and you wished you could have been friends and shared secret ambitions together. Either because you think you're both stuck in the same situation and you want to hear his side of the coin, or because he's responsible, smart and witty, and you knew he wouldn't take advantage. So you felt like you wanted to look inside his thoughts because you think this person may help you improve your physical well-being. 

But how do you move passed awkwardness to be just who you are in front of this person? How do you maintain your grace, especially when both of you had been burdened by responsibilities and time wasn't generous enough for a getting-to-know-you head start? Is talking about what happened to your patients a good defense, before you explore one another's dreams and aspirations? Or does a referral system in the workplace work on this matter?

Good conversation naturally comes when you consider simple stuffs that happen to one another, medical books you read, songs they love, or foods they like to cook as a simple step towards talking about much important things. It is not just a simple hi and hello along the hospital's catwalk nor clinic hallways as we dashed for stats and ASAP's. Plus it would be very inappropriate to talk about music and books and foods in the midst of an ailing patient, is it not?

If you really desire this person, taking the first move may be awkwardly difficult, not to mention an embarrassing tongue-mumbling event. It’s like going to the gym for a body-building exercise, you need a 30-minute warming up before you proceed to the main activity or you’ll ache much afterwards. For sure, anybody would think you’re acting a little bit weird hitting on with them just like that, as you blabber around and do the talking.

My advice: wait for the timing. Well, may it be weeks or months, who knows? Getting to know a person is a lifetime process, to start it right and make it right is what matters most. Just like what others say, “It’s all in the timing”.

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