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In this training, it seems like no matter what I have accomplished or how few the commitments I made, there will always be something to stress about. Whether it’s exams, papers, diab clinics, conferences, reports, relationships and bills (light and water, phone line, DSL, TV cable or condominium association fees), something will always be looming around my head. And as these things continue to hover, stress  arises to meet them, there to meet the challenge, but often putting myself in overdrive and pushing my body into a state of anxiety.

Just like today. I started my Ash Wednesday going to mass and became overwhelmed by the priest’s sermon of the Holy Gospel. When I am about to get to practice being a good Christian, by encouraging people to go to mass, it turns out to be a bad idea. Sometimes it'll be better to just be still so you will not be thought of wrongly. Or else, I worry. Just like I worry on my patient who just had a re-stroke while waiting for her clearance to discharge. And as I sit on this nurse station, unable to go home to even take a quick bath (and surely the ride home is more stressful), with an insulin drip and the hourly CBG monitoring at hand, in a semi-comatose patient, I’ll always be at my toes or I might push my patient towards her mortality.

See, if you’re under stress, not only does your mind worry constantly, but your body reacts as well. I battle over headaches, muscle tension, insomnia and occasional acne, which make myself pretty stressed out most highly. Spa salons will make lots of money over girls like me. I admit, these days, its a bit expensive to have a sound mind and a sound body.

I have wanted to seize the day over wanting to accomplish all things at the same time in a short while before the world would come crashing down. The magnitude made me stop and think, will these things that occupy my worried mind matter a year from now? No, it’s actually not even important. I guess, I just have to figure out what’s worth my mental energy and focus on that.

So I always tell myself to keep my cool, and take one step at a time. What I found to be huge unmanageable problems are really just a series of smaller, manageable task. But this I learned anyway, certain things are out of my reach, I can’t control it, and some things can’t change. There’s no point in worrying or stressing about it. It might not be worth stressing over.
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  1. Balqis Says:

    This is a very interesting write-up on stress and how it affects life. For most of us who are working, feeling stressed out is one thing which we can't escape from. I do get stress from time to time and especially when there's so much to handle and would be at its peak thinking of the deadlines to meet. Nevertheless, we have to learn how to cope with stress though it's not that easy. It's worth trying for the benefit of our health.

    Thank you for sharing this post. :)

  2. I see your point. I'm someone that stresses a bit too much at times. I try to focus on something positive but it's so hard to do. With all kinds of problems looming over your head. I agree with you though, instead of panicking and drowning in despair, just take a step back and look at what's troubling you. Then take them on, one at a time. Great post! :)

  3. PETIT Says:

    @Balqis: thanks for the drop. i dont believe in advices that says "dont get stress". its always there all the time and we cant help it. so its you, we just have to learn to cope with stress, and if we now know the art of it, it will just be easy.

  4. PETIT Says:

    @Johnny: hey i love your profile pic. anyway, thanks for the comment. I believe, to be young and lovely and lovable to many, we have to keep our cool, speak kindly and stay positive in life. in that way, we will all look young and fresh with less wrinkles of course. haha.

  5. I am less stressed now than ever before...since I submitted my life to Jesus and let Him rule and lord over it. Worry is not trusting God and in the Bible, Jesus emphasizes the need "not to worry"--Matthew 6:25 -34.
    God also commands us to learn how to take each day at a time and trust Him to do everything in His strength.
    That is why it's very important to pray as soon as we start our day to ask God for strength, guidance and praise to His name and deeds.

  6. PETIT Says:

    @Bingkee: thanks for never forgetting to mention our Creator. of course, everything should start and ends with him. I am guilty sometimes when I missed praying in the morning.

  7. isp101 Says:

    Hi, there! My job as a technical support is full of stress, since we are the front-liner of our clients. However, i used to cope up with stress, but lately, I find it very difficult, since my mom got sick and there are tons of errands to run. Today is my restday, and I'm making most out of it. I already went to the market, bought some ingredients for my Pork Ribs Sinigang, that I'll cook for my wife! Have a blessed day! =)



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