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Have you ever felt a writing depression? No, not really a blogger’s block, but for whatever this is called, somehow, Jan and Dee’s awards made me hold on to blogging. James often told me that bloggers are basically nice people who will help their co-bloggers achieve their full potential. That there will always be somebody who would take side on you. Now I understand what awards are for, it’s an appropriate abracadabra to ease out, to breathe in and boost your activity. With much profound gratefulness over such a generous act, thank you Jan and Dee from my bottomless heart.

Did I say bottomless? Sorry, I can’t find words that best fit a ‘cardiac anomaly’, might as well be accused of playing with words again. Plus the fact that doctors don’t blog that much, who else would understand if I choose a medical term? Alright, they do blog, about the JNC or the ASCOT, the new drug, the latest randomized, case-controlled or cohort studies. And it bores! In that sense, you might as well get epistaxis without thrombocytopenia or blood dyscrasia.

See, even my computer complains that I’ve misspelled it, highlighting the unfamiliar words in red. “What duh?! You don’t know that?”, I retorted in disbelief. I’d rather have such a high expectation for a machine that doesn’t even talk, than a person that talks like they knew everything. But yes, I get the message. Let’s talk layman.

I have once lost that zeal to blog. I marveled at the spectacle of the colorful emotions of the bloggers’ world and I feel I failed to catch-up. And I hate to be a failure. The blogosphere is trendy and plugged-in, hype and wired, and bloggers are parading one blog post to another, yakking away in full shrill, and generates excitement without shrieking. No, I don’t feel like there’s nothing more to write, nor everything has already been written. To tell you the truth, I have a million moments worth a million of letters and a thousand of words to be written, but time is not bias on my side. There are touching stories of people and patients I have encountered, waiting to be told. Knowing you have a whole bunch of these stagnant ideas quietly positioned to unearth but can’t, isn’t it depressing? Even the search key didn’t help me interact with bloggers who are doctors, doctors who are bold enough to express their being human; search cloud gave me foreign doctors with a medical Q&A site, tedious and self-absorbed. I don’t need the academic bull shit I know I am well equipped of, readers don’t want experts, if they do, they would rather go search for it in academic journals.

So before I could feel that I don’t belong here, or prescribed myself with Prozac so to be “blog”-productive, here comes Jan and Dee’s awards. Jan who is a blog addict for a few months now, allowed himself to be seen naked by his readers. Oh, don’t get me wrong. His posts, unabashedand influential, have inspired many bloggers including me. On the other hand, Dee, the lawyer, who took her time off for an extra-legal vigilante-style crusade against global warming, share’s spontaneous feelings and thoughts in a natural manner, like her campaign to help save mother nature. Perhaps these two have a strong sense of a shared destiny in blogging.

If I could only place my first blog awards in my parents’ family recognition table, I would! Haha! That’s how I am in ecstatically twisted mood. Mom and dad would’ve wondered where the heck I have gotten this one again this time. Even if I’ll explain it, the blogging world is like a galaxy away. Nah! Never mind.

So why do I love blogging? Even if sometimes I feel that I have just wasted my time over a blog? Simple, it’s because we share. We share the same interest of wanting to share what we have with others, with limitless boundaries except the art of writing. Art after all, is a better teacher than textbooks. And there’s a lot more, but that will be another post, in another day…or weeks, or month maybe, depending on my bias time.

So I pass these awards to all of Jan’s active followers, who made me hide in the cyberspace for a while…in awe and admiration.

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8 Responses
  1. Jan Says:

    1. epistaxis - this word sure gets around. I wonder why. Am I missing something? ",)

    2. I can deal with bottomless hearts as long as there's bottomless iced tea within reach. Yikees. lol.

    3. Regarding the vast wealth of stories you're exposed to daily, here's my suggestion. If you can't write about them today, capture them as notes on a notebook. I said capture because ideas are fleeting and hard to pin down. You can always go back on your notes later when you have the time. Relieves your mind of the stress of remembering them all.

    4. Thanks for being a part of that elusive inspiration in writing we always can't get enough of. We're all in this together. Friends do that in spite of limitation in time and space.

    5. I've noticed you're reading Terry Heath and Sean Platt of Writer Dad. They're fine fellows and terrific writers. I'd like to grow up like them if this were not such an absurd statement. Can't go wrong with that fine reading list.

    6. Cheers. Dee, Joji, me and the folks are just around here waiting for you to surface. And thanks for the lovely mention.

  2. Dee Says:

    Very nice post! Deep, insightful, enlightening and humorous. I enjoyed reading it so much and it puts a smile on my face. Come to think of it, whenever I read your post, I am always smiling. So that's why, I hope you'll continue blogging because you have a lot to share and I'd love to know and read all of them. Really.

    Have a lovely weekend! :D

  3. Lucrecio Emerito Says:

    Hi, Ma'am Petit. Good day.

    Yes, blogging is about sharing. It can be sharing of experiences, stories, how-to-dos, and even just links. Jan just shared how to install JS-Kit comments.

    And as a doctor, you have plenty to share. Jan is right. Note your ideas so they don't get lost. I'm sure you have a lot.

    As to Dee, she is all for saving the environment. She never fails to slap my hand when I accidentally drop a chocolate wrapper. But based on what is happening now, I think she is right. People must start clean up their act.

    Keep on blogging.

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  5. Dee Says:

    Hi Petit! Belated Happy Mother's Day! Hope you've had a lovely one. :D

  6. Petit Says:

    Hello friends. Thank you for all your advices, i truly appreciate it, and sorry for the very late reply. There are a lot of people in my bloodline that needs a lot of attention. My kids and my husband are natural attention seekers, but I never thought relatives in the ICU (make it 3), takes a whole lot of my time. To think blogging would do that to me too? I hope my on-line buddies would pardon my lack of blog updating lately. Bawi lang po next time.

    @Jan-Epistaxis is a medical term for nose bleeding. We all know that for Filipinos in today's time, we used the term nosebleed as a mockery over a not-so-easy English vocabulary. In a non-medical topic, we say nosebleed if a writer chooses to put the reader to a standstill by her difficult to understand words. If the writer used the word epistaxis, (which is only recognized by medical and paramedical people) and the audiences aren’t medical at all, then perhaps she/he would like you to have a double nosebleed and die of hemorrhage (lol). Or it may aim to let the readers know she/he is a walking dictionary, knows even medical terms too. Well, we do not need a guessing game to know that it is easier for a doctor to become a blogger than the other way around, isn’t it? Now I hope you didn’t miss that thing there. I, for my part, used this epistaxis word as an example of how only few people understand such a complicated medical term. Save for nurses and doctors who get around communicating with each other, who needs this word anyway? It just bothers me till now, why my computer insists I have a wrong spelling there.

    Yes, I’ve been reading Sean Platt and Terry Heath even before I started blog commenting and these are those kind of people we all look up to in writing. Perhaps to them, it is an obsession. And writing comes naturally. True enough, they are remembered well. As per advice, I’ve been listing my thoughts and its getting quite long, panis na nga ang iba, parang gusto ko na pong i-cross out.

  7. Now I know why you're very supportive in my blogging endeavors...

  8. Petit Says:

    @ Daniel.
    yup Dan, i can see that you have the gift of words. I enjoyed reading your post, sayang naman kung duon lang na-po-post.



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