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The breast…., one of the most controversial parts of a woman’s body. Depending on the need of the individual, it is used for breastfeeding first and foremost, than to lure men to its attraction.

I mind my breast these days, more than I care for it before. Why bother about it then when it is as good as a size of a large mosquito bite? Or, make it a bumble bee bite. Fact of the matter is, even if you exercise your arms and positively say “I must.., I must.., I must increase my bust”, it won’t. Breast pads and Wonder Bras would help make it look bigger though, and there are silicone and other breast enhancements as well, for a more expensive price, but then again, so what? It’s just the view you’re minding. So I don’t give a damn.

Until I gave birth lately, I decided to breastfeed my second born as I have not given my first child the delight from the nutrients that comes along with this milk. I am therefore a first time nursing mom with no idea whatsoever on how to deal with the intricacies that accompany breastfeeding and working. From the time I drank my mom’s special recipe for lactation, you know, the native chicken soup plus papaya and malunggay, whoa…it seems like a whole new world for me! I am stripped of control. Milk came rushing squirting anytime and anywhere, dripping me wet I feel like a milkmaid. But, as I am a hopeful beginner, I try to learn new strategies everyday.

Of course, if you are breastfeeding and already working, you mind your breast all the time. Not because I’ve got bouncy boobs that bubbled now, or am able to wear plunging neckline brought about by my newly designed cleavage-capable breast. But because every now and then I have to pump it out to keep the milk for the new baby at home, and to avoid embarrassment from staining my wardrobe, and then I have to feed my baby, and if I could avoid it, I try not to get hurt from accidentally hitting this engorged breasts by my kids because it aches an awful lot.

These two overhanging mammary pair made a radical turn from aesthetic display for my husband, into a drastic role of feeding an infant. Since these breasts are supposed to be twins by nature, it has to be proportional, and I have so much difficulty to master the art of balancing. Yes, balance. When the right one is larger than the left, you’ve got to make your left catch up, go feed your child more from the left. Or else, the aesthetic side of this breast is gravely endangered. Sure thing, you don’t want to see an asymmetrical breast with the left ones big, the other one’s small. How do you like to have an option which one’s to touch? And I wouldn’t have to wait to run for a breast augmentation. All I know, I’ve got an instant breast enlargement courtesy of breast milk, free of charge.

My first born has 3 hospital admissions, from pneumonia to tonsillitis. Though I regret that I have not let him savor the benefits of breastfeeding due to pressures in the hospital residency training, I will not do the same for the next child. So I don’t mind minding my breast now. I let myself enjoy the fulfillment of nursing my newborn despite the great deal of sacrifice that goes along with it.

I believe women are flexible in times of great demands and more psychologically stable in socially unstable world. Let us salute all women…and their heavenly breast! We are truly blessed for breast.

14 Responses
  1. Jan Says:

    Lovely thoughts on the aesthetics of breasts. Don't you think calling it a mosquito or bumble bite is a bit harsh? Anyway, as you said when motherhood comes with it comes the natural way of breast augmentation. And all is fair and good with the world again. Splendid humor. :)

  2. Petit Says:

    @jan - hahaha... my classmates used to joke that on all of us who are flat chested. thanks to pregnancy, it has gone a bit converted.

  3. james Says:

    o glory to fondle; a craving that pins down men kneeling to thy feet; a begging made all mankind a slave to its sustenance as well as countenance. That in the absence of the merciless mouth of a babe, the husband's fondling should not be wronged, for it is only man's unquenchable maintenance to pacify an ever hardened and sometimes jerky hand muscles. :D Hehehe.

  4. Petit Says:

    @james - gutom lang yan hahaha! epekto ng pilipinas sa iyo.

  5. Dee Says:

    I enjoyed reading this so much, Petit. This is insightful! Very true. I remember the time when I just gave birth to my son. I had the same experience and thoughts. :D

  6. James Says:

    Hehehe. That is why 'Sayunara Pilipinas' once more.. hehehe. Regards.

  7. Petit Says:

    @Dee - being a lawyer and a mother plus breastfeeding must be tough too. i could also very well relate to your side. lets just put in mind the word perseverance and we will survive this mothering thing.

  8. Ah yeah being first time before it was embarrassing I was leaking like a cow was not prepared so I bought this breast pads! I was 36c from 34a!

  9. Beth Says:

    Hi Petit, I can relate to this.
    I wasn't able to breastfeed my firstborn too because I was given medicines after giving birth which may blend with the milk. I was so sad then. :(
    I was so happy when I breastfed my second child. Yes, just like you, I minded my breast the second time I had a child. :)

  10. Hmm.. you and my sister did the same with your children. Her first born had never tasted her breast milk while her second child is 100% breast fed.... Although both are still good in academics and all but the one who was breastfed is less prone to sickness... But I do believe that "breastfeeding is still best for babies up to 2 yrs" hahahhahahhahahhaha... Great post! It would surely educate us men about women...

  11. mabel Says:

    i also want to breastfeed my baby when he/she arrives. you are lucky to have so much milk. some women aren't as lucky.

  12. Petit Says:

    @EG - wow! see that! from 34a to 36c. lol. well, you're still gorgeous as your name goes. its all in the mind, with or without the breast!
    @beth- maybe first time moms have less tolerance on breastfeeding. and we learned our lesson well this time.
    @Xprosiac - hmmm...breast milk gives antibodies against sickness, but with regards who has the better IQ, nutrition comes first, remember the ads "must be the Milk"? but anyhow, breastfeeding is still best for babies more than 2 years too...minus the milk..hahaha

  13. Petit Says:

    @mabel - oh maybe, we just have to be patient that milk will flow soon, if not sooner. thats exactly the reason why i missed feeding my first child, i thought it won't happen and im too impatient.
    gone thru your site. wow, never thought of japanese telenobelas.

  14. Klay Kisses Says:

    I breast fed all my children. My twins were the true test. Wow, what a treat that was. I was glad I was able to do it up until they were 6 months old. Then they got too big for me to feed them both at once. They both got hungry at the same time every day/night. Talk about a juggling act!



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