Anna Santos
  This is a story of physician's luck being put to a test, not by sheer intellect but by bravery and honesty, and of defiance and acceptance. 

  Maybe people thought doctors are second to God.  They save lives and heal people. They thought our feelings are set aside for a far better priorities. Sometimes they thought we are capable of becoming numb in facing deaths and critical illness. Sure we could.  Doctors are humans too. We know how to laugh and have fun, we also know how to cry. We got sick most of the time too, there's no exemption to that. More so, we are most afraid of illness and deaths more than you do when it comes to our own loved ones.

  More than a year ago, God had put me in a situation where my ability to focus was hindered by my emotions as my sister was put into the brink of death. I thought my 2 years of being a junior consultant in the ICU of a tertiary hospital would make me well equipped on these areas. But no. Nobody will be ever be prepared of death when this comes to your own kind, even if you are a doctor specializing on that field.

  Somehow, my clinical perspective in life had changed thereafter, becoming more sensitive and people oriented than focusing on practice guidelines. For in reality, you have to stand up, and sometimes give up, to deliver what matters to your loved ones than to you.

  Being a doctor doesn't give you much money, it even cost you more on liabilities. I somehow regretted having chosen this profession. However, I have now fully understood why the Lord dragged me to the test... to appreciate that I have made a splendid choice in helping people without asking too much, and to never worry for God will provide doctors for you in times of need without a cost too. Hippocrates must have seen that even centuries back, his oath has been proudly recited in every newly licensed doctors in the country.

  So read on, its a true story cut in two parts... 





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